About Us

Covered by God came to fruition with a single goal in mind, to bring hope to people around the world. Covered by God is not just another clothing brand, but a lifestyle brand based on faith that wants to bring belief to the world, while pushing fashion forward, and creating everlasting relationships.

At Covered by God we are a people focused brand and strive to give back at every chance we get, which is why we work within our community to spread positivity.

Covered by God emerged out of tough times and is here to help people in similar situations realize that they are not alone, and that great times are ahead. Covered by God is a faith based lifestyle brand that fuses together the love for God through our message.

Ladun Thompson founded Covered By God as a testament of his faith in hard times. After countless hours, and wild support he and his co-founders have grown into a brand known around to fuse together the meaning of faith through fashion. “We never expected impact as many people as we did but now we plan to change the world and give back hope through faith”.